Paint....the quicker, fixer upper

I've been working on the redo for the lobby of a condo building in New Orleans' warehouse district. The following two photos are the before. While looking at those photos, you need to keep in mind that a professional decorator just did this lobby, but the condo board was so unhappy with the results, they wanted me to redo it. Unfortunately by the time we redid it twice, I was stuck with no budget. I had to rely on the budget designer's best friend...Paint.
I don't get the tree mural...the building has no connection to trees or woods....I'm guessing they were copying that black and white wallpaper with the tree motif that's everywhere right now.

After: Color, Color, color. I used a metallic copper finish with silver highlights to accent the fab stainless, copper, and marble sculpture they already had. Steel blue on the beam also highlights an existing abstract. I ebonized the Chinese table, recovered the chairs in a fabu faux leather will silver nailheads, and delivered drama and energy. (Oh my god...I sound like Kim Myles on Myles of Style....I better stop now before I start using the word "pop" incessantly).



visual vamp said...

This is fabulous! And you have so much more style and talent than Kim The Big Disappointment Myles.

Lucy said...

You are amazing! I love the new look. I can't believe you did that with just paint!