Let the Fabulousness Begin

My partner I and are still in the midst of renovating our house which was flooded during hurricane Katrina. We finished the major structural renovations and moved in last Oct., but as any passionate lover of decor will tell you, you're never really finished with the decorating. And to be fair, after an incredibly long, painful renovation process which involved not one but two contractors (one of whom will burn in hell), we moved in with no air conditioning and no hot water (both were eventually turned on in Dec.) I haven't taken that many cold showers since I was 14. Anyway, the boring stuff is done and it's time to focus on fine tuning the exterior and the interiors. Though, like many decorating divas I know, after 6 mos. planning the house and 6 mos. living in it, I want to throw everything away and start over. Alas, I've always had what Vogue called in their 50's column, more taste than money, so that not an option. So I guess I'll resort back to my diy past. My two major upcoming projects are to finish tweaking the curb appeal...painting the porch and accessorizing it. And the one I most yearn for and fear, a massive organizing push. I'm so tired of looking for items I know exist and yet can't find. For example, I shot some pics to post, but cannot find my cord that interfaces with the computer and camera. So after an hour of friutless searching, the hubs and I must now go to the nightmare that is Wal-mart to buy something I know is somewhere in the house. I hate my life.

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