The effect of too much Dwell and Domino on kitchen design

This kitchen is in an old house. Translation: it's tiny...12'x14'. Every room is that small. If I lost 50 lbs, would that mean the rooms would feel bigger? Hmmmmm.... I need a backsplash. I found some tile I love, but cost and commitment phobia prevent me from going forward. I'm thinking about doing a faux painted version, but other projects are more pressing.
I always say there is a fine line between electic and a big ol' mess. What side did I stay on?

Like so many other 30 somethings, the partner and I are now passionately in love with midcentury and vintage. He also has a high tolerance for funk, which after enough martinis, I share. Therefore, we let the 70s guide are choices when we had to renovate the kitchen after the big K. I did go with a good classic shaker style cabinet, but we went for orange (light cherry) to highlight our avacado walls (Benjamin Moore's Pale Avacado). I made curtains out of his vinate sheets, and we hung some posters from a now defunct New Orleans land mark drug store chain K&B. I let me love for Domino convince my lazy ass that the orange chairs from a previous apartment created a great play of color and pattern. Really, I upholstered those chairs myself and never, never, ever, ever, want to do that again.

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