Cheap Chic: Recession Decorating for under $10.

Last night, I was feeling a little blue. Nothing serious, just the unfortunately usual money worries. I would have been really blue had I forseen the results of my at home buzz cut I am currently sporting. (Note to self: find another cost cutting technique.) To cheer me up, Thomas picked up a supermarket bouquet of white chrysathemums. There is nothing like fresh flowers to perk up a room, as well as a blue queen. One easy way to a chic arrangement is to use all of one kind of flower and then to match that color to their container.
$4 of white mums
added to $3 Goodwill urn (the finish is slightly chipped, but so is mine)

= a chic, happy spot in a blue day.


Party time

The backyard sitting area is finally finished enough to show. While viewing the pics, ignore the ugly concrete which will be painted or stained after hurricane season. The chairs are from World market, and I've centered them around the mantle we found on the stree. In order to give my self incentive to finish, we decided to host a party for my sister and friends who are in town for jazz fest. The party starts at 8:30, and I still haven't bought the adult beverages, so I think you can determine how well that whole deadline thing is working.

This pink beauty was the inspiration point for the backyard. It was made from car and motorcycle parts by a New Orleans artist. We found it at Bottom of the Barrel Antiques in the French Quarter.