Which Austen herione are you?

Run, do not walk, to this site to determine which Jane Austen herione you most closely resemble: http://www.strangegirl.com/emma/quiz.php I am Eleanor Dashwood.


Porch...the end is near

Before pics.

I have fine tuning and some final touches to make to the porch, but it is nearing completion. The floor is painted (it's been raining everyday for the past couple of weeks, so there is dried mud all over it. That's why it looks unpainted in the pick, it's dirty...but even more rain is coming so I'll wait until the deluge is done before mopping). I have plans for some folk art inspired objects to hang in the window frames, and I plan to replace the striped pillow cover with something more vibrant.
The front garden just went in. I selected only two kinds of plants....ones described as drought tolerant or incredibly invasive. I figure that way, they have a shot at making it through the summer, because I am not a caring, nuturing gardener.