Cheap Chic: Recession Decorating for under $10.

Last night, I was feeling a little blue. Nothing serious, just the unfortunately usual money worries. I would have been really blue had I forseen the results of my at home buzz cut I am currently sporting. (Note to self: find another cost cutting technique.) To cheer me up, Thomas picked up a supermarket bouquet of white chrysathemums. There is nothing like fresh flowers to perk up a room, as well as a blue queen. One easy way to a chic arrangement is to use all of one kind of flower and then to match that color to their container.
$4 of white mums
added to $3 Goodwill urn (the finish is slightly chipped, but so is mine)

= a chic, happy spot in a blue day.


Paula said...

Love the flowers and you!

Maria Killam said...

Sometimes I feel like I need to give people permission to cut the flowers so that they fit perfectly in the vase, so many people (well of course you wouldn't do that) just plunk them in a vase without realizing how great they would look if the ends were trimmed to the length of the vase.

Beautiful arrangement!

Kerry Flanagan said...

The thumbnail of your beautiful mum arrangement drew me from Visual Vamp's blog and then I noticed your Tee Eva's Pies coaster (I have the same one) and new you must be from New Orleans! I love your blog and your back patio is fabulous!!

Maria Killam said...

Thanks for the great comment on my blog! You are so right, I love your description of what happens when ppl. come to your house, I have my own version of that :)