From 60's ranch to Itailian villia: a trompe l'oeil bath redo.

Before: A white box with an acoustical tile ceiling

After: Faux plaster walls, a faux tin ceiling, faux bois vanity, and Old World inspired art and accessories. (Note: we had to leave the old fixture for the moment because it houses the only electrical outlet in the room, and we have not been able to address the issue of moving the outlet.)

The faux tin ceiling consists of squares of Anaglypta embossed wallpaper applied to the ceiling, covered in layers of copper and bronze metallic glazes, and topped with scrapes of ivory paint to suggest rust and peeling paint. I made the working inverted pleat shade out of a poly blend in a metallic copper/chestnut color with gold embroidered fleur de lis.

Barbara already owned the painting and italian plates. I just moved them from other rooms.

I painted the flat front cabinets in a faux bois technique similiar to one described in an earlier post.
Detail of the upper cabinet with Italian landscape scene inspired by plates. I wanted the upper cabinet to blend in to the wall to keep the look light. I also thought that doing the cabinets in different finishes would add to the interest.
Detail of the ceiling.


Paula said...

Love the transformation.

ButterYum said...

What a stunning transformation!