Before Pics.

I'm busy with a project, but wanted to go ahead and post the before pictures of a client's dining room and foyer that I'm working on. Hopefully, I'll have some after pics by the end of the week (It's a good thing, because the family is returning from vacation on Friday). It's an interesting project, because we are trying to combine transitional architecture and very traditional inherited furniture, while keeping a fresh, modern feeling for the young family that lives here. Wish us luck.


Cote de Texas said...

thanks for the info on the artist with the muse in that sale! i figured someone would know who it was!!! someone bought one that I know of. one person spend over $18,000 at that sale. it was a huge hit.

can't wait to see this room finished!!!! it actually looks good now.

Pam said...

Fascinating here! I linked to your colour psychology posting 3 .(13.2009)under labels featured on your sidebar, and was fascinated about the factors involved in the colour yellow.I'd certainly like to catch up with more of your archives and will be back later!