What a Concept

I don't do many formal presentations. Most of the time, I can just describe my plans to client, show them samples, and they are fine. Every now and then, especially with new clients who aren't familiar with my work, I do renderings to make sure we are on the same page. Now, these rendereing aren't formal working drawing, and while in perspective, they are not to scale. Furthermore, this is for a presentation to a potential client, so I haven't been precise with the drawing of most of the finishes, keeping to a suggestion, mainly of colour. And after years of trying (and failing) to create crisp, precise, architectural drawings, I've learned to embrace my own loose, improtu style: some call it messy and lazy. I call it neo-Impressionistic. The photos are from work down by my collaborator on this project, Donna Russell of Provisions Interiors.

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