Murals, murals, more murals....did I mention murals

I painted the rooster mural for a client who wanted the look of painted tile without the commitment or cost. I first painted the trompe l'oeil bottles in an apartment kitchen I had where I needed accessories but lacked counter space and money. The photos are blurry because they're from a phone. What can I say...she liked roosters.
This next mural is hard to see because the dining room it's in is very dark, it has no direct light (the only window is stained glass), and the walls are covered in a shiny finish. They owners had a large buddha statue that inspired the mural. It is in gold, metallic teal, and dark red on chocoalte brown walls with antiquing and a high gloss.
This mural is only half finished in the picture. I'll have to go take a pic of the completed mural. It's in an italian restaurant in the French Quarter, Maximo's. The owner loved old doors and wanted a focal point on a blank wall.

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