Louis, Louis everywhere

In the previous post, I mentioned a ubiquitous black/white woods inspired wallpaper that has taken design mags by storm. For those of you who aren't passionate readers of Elle Decor, Domino, Metropolitan Home, Vogue Living, O Home, etc., etc. (And you should start reading them right now), here it is:
I've seen it used in bedrooms, entries, living rooms, powder rooms. I've even seen it used in separate homes in the same issue of the magazine. And I have to ask, "why?" It's kind of cool in a Charles Addams meets Andy Warhol kind of way, but who really wants to live in a sorched, leafless wood?

Two other wildly popular designs: Kelly Wearstler's trellis wallpaper and fabric design and Phillipe Stark's Louis Ghost Chair. Again, two designs that frequently pop up in the mags. They make me think of people in designer clothes: I always wonder if they really like them, or do they wear them because fashionistas have pre-approved them. Where is the fine line between ruly twanting an iconic decor item and just following the stylish herd?

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