Inspirational Interiors and a List

Every decor fan (or fiend) has one.....tear sheets or images of a favorite design  project that you go back to again and again.  I think this project by Michael DePerno (website) has to be my absolute favorite of all time.  It was the cover story for Elle Decor's May 2003 issue (link to article).  That cover has lived on various inspiration boards since I got my copy of that issue.  It's such a timeless look, that it's hard to believe that these interiors were created 10 years ago.  ( At his website, he has photos from an earlier shoot for an L,.A. magazine.  It was fun to see the evolution from the bare bones of the design to the finished project as he layered in more accessories, washed out color, and details.)   They, alas are no more.  Mr. DePerno moved to Sonoma.  His current mid-century home was published by Elle Decor last summer  (link to article).

 Besides just to look at something pretty, there is a reason that I went searching for pics of this house  (my cover survived Katrina---my copy of the magazine did not):  it's time to freshen up my house.  It's necessary for a couple of reasons.  First, some of the decor is five years old, and five years in a busy household can take it's toll.  Next, I just like change.  Since my house was styled for a photo shoot last winter, I've kept it mainly as it was, including some graphic fabrics, layering prints, and pulling out my more colorful accessories.  I've enjoyed it, but now I'm ready to settle down for something more neutral.  There won't be any big changes---time and money shortages prohibit that, but I do plan to rearrange some art, move around some textiles, etc.  Mainly in the living/dining room.  Hence, my urge to see these beautiful, restrained interiors. 
But, I have a more urgent reason to get my hizzle's shizzle together.  My partner of seven years and I are planning a commitment ceremony in December, including a large party at the house. So, after months of procrastinating, I've finally realized it's the final countdown.  After wandering around this morning with my coffee, I've realized I need a list.  Shaken to the core by it's growing length and the shortening deadline (Dec. 21, 2012), I've decided to sit down with another cup of coffee and hope that looking at serene interiors will trigger a resulting serenity of spirit. 


Vickie H. said...

Congratulations to you and your partner! And good luck to you with all you must do to get ready. As with everything you touch, it will turn out beautifully! Can't wait for your final reveal!

Addie K Martin said...

Love the post!! :) I'd love to help with your commitment ceremony too :)