my beautiful launderette: slow, sure progress

You know, there may actually be something to this slow steady progress thing.  Working on a project an
 hour or two a day, a little at a time.  Usually, I'm more (pardon the expression) of a balls to the wall d-i-yer---jumping in with abandon, often without full preparation.  The kind that rips the room apart, throws the contents into another, plows into painting.....and thus lives with chaos until the project is complete, which, as life gets in the way, drags on and on.  Don't get me wrong...there is something exhilarating about rushing through something from start to finish in a weekend (Trading Spaces was a hit for a reason), but I've learned with this project, going slow can be nice. I've seen steady progress, and as I've only done a little portion of the room as a time, I haven't needed to trash other areas to clean it out---i've been able to deal with the appropriate disposal or organization of the laundry room's contents as I've removed them.

Anway, here's what's happened so far:

I've flanked the window with a second set of wine box shelves, removed the black shelves from the corner (gifted to my partner's twin for his own laundry room), removed the excess trash can, removed the shelf from over the washer and dryer and cleaned floor.

I've also hinged the salvaged doors into a screen, though I've not yet cleaned them or added hooks.  Gross, I know, but I wanted to get them out of my cabanna and in place as quickly as possible.  Since the laundry hasn't gotten it's hard core clean or had any fabric added, I'm okay with bringing in less than pristine items.  I will make sure to scrub them, and the room before I add the curtains and table skirt.

 Remember, at the beginning of the week, this wall looked like this:

Now, it looks like this:
I'm planning to skirt the table (my old sewing table which had been moved into my studio when I updated to the green writing desk) in a drop cloth and add curtains in Waverly's Paddock shawl, a fabric I've loved forever.  In fact, the fabric I'm planning to use was purchased to make a window treatment 7 years ago that i never got around to before moving.  It didn't fit my current home, so I carefully stored it away.  A good thing, because while the pattern is still in production, I'm not sure my color way is.  Here is a pillow from Etsy seller land of pillows in it:
pillow available here
The skirt will look something like this, but with the pleats only at the apex of the curves.  I'm skirting it because a drop cloth is cheaper than a table, and since it rolls, I like to use the table outside for painting.  I can just whip the skirt off for that, and whip it back on to use as a folding table.  with a skirt, i can also roll it outside to use a bar or food table for parties.  I'm toying with banding it in upholstery webbing, but i'm not sure if i want to go to that much trouble for the laundry room.

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