a modern fireplace finish (and a list update)

On Saturday, I showed you a sneak peak of a modern decorative paint finish in metallics that I had been working on for a friend's fireplace.  I have an after to share.  After her living room is finished....the furniture should start arriving this week, I'll show you an after after.

I drew off large rectangles (based on the fire box size) with a level, taped then, and created the finish with four different shades of paint blended with a little glaze.  I was going for a very organic feel, vaguely referencing horn.

And Sunday, I took advantage of a beautiful day, with plenty of peace and quiet, to start tackling my list.  I had so much regular housework to do (the consequence of a busy schedule), that I couldn't do a lot, but I felt good about getting started.

Living Room:
--Rework existing cafe curtains
--Move side tables and butler's tray
--Switch out pillow covers on sofa (already have the covers)
--make new pillow covers for side chairs
--recover piano bench (just draped it with a throw and it looked surprisingly good)
--find or make new sofa throw
--move rug upstairs to den
Dining Room:
--make tailored white cloth for table
--redo existing sheer draperies and move in decorative panels from office(actually only partially done--the panels are moved in, but I going to have to put them on a different rod--i have one I can use, but it is another step i wasn't anticipating.   The good news is that the draperies look good.)
--frame large photo
--cover or replace lamp shades
--rework mantle display
--polish silver

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