Do you like being busy?  While my absolute favorite way to spend a day is puttering around my own home, moving a pillow here, a chair there, maybe a little light housework (I KNOW, right......who would ever believe that I would come to enjoy cleaning...even a little)...maybe a little reading and a little cooking...possibly having guests over...I do adore a full day when it's full of fun busy. 

A side note:   It's what I always imagined life was like as an adult:   fun with friends, glamorous work, excitement.  I was one of those children who couldn't wait to grow up, preferred hanging out with the adults, and wanted to play pretend games like secretary (I know, I know...my parents were concerned, but took it in stride), private detectives (for the record, I was one of Charlie's angels), etc.  In fact, I loved nothing more than playing with candy cigarettes while drinking my Mountain Dew out of a sherbert glass and pretending it was champagne (I'm sure you can imagine how much by Baptist, teetotaler, non-smoking mother enjoyed my doing that).  Anyway, I was convinced that being a grown-up was nothing but glamour, glamour, glamour.........imagine my surpise when I realized every evening of champagne is balanced by at least of day of yard work, cleaning the litter box, and figuring out how to stretch the already stretched budget to pay for room damage not covered by insurance.  Oh well, such is life.

However, today is not one of those dreary days.  I have to spend a little time helping a dear friend get her brand new house ready for her husband's 60th birthday blowout.  A sneak of some of the projects I've worked on for the house:

Next, a few hours as a shop boy (I know it's a stretch to refer to myself as boy at my age, but shop man just doesn't have the right ring to it) at the gallery on Magazine St. that features my art.

Afterwards, a quick dash back to help with final party arrangements.  Then, a wedding uptown followed by a reception at the Musee' Conti, the fantastic old wax museum in the French Quarter.  I've never been there, but I've heard the renovated reception space is fantastic.  I'm so excited.  And, the Quarter should be hopping tonight....there's a huge Halloween charity event in Armstrong Park, Madonna is in concert in the city tonight, and it's the big Halloween weekend.  This may finally be the night I stay up past 10.

 My outfit for the day.  I don't really have time to change between events, so I needed something versatile and comfortable enough for all day, so I'm going for this pale blue shirt, unlined kakhi jacket (it finally cooled off here, vest, and the only tie left over from my tie wearing days that actually kind of sort of matched.  But honestly, it's all about the vest, because I MADE THAT BITCH MYSELF!!!!!

Recently I decided I needed to improve my sewing skills if I ever wanted to be a great tailor, which I do.  It's been so long (since junior high) since I've sewn, and even thing it was only basic shorts with drawstrings, so I needed to smart small.  Thank God I did.  This vest is about as basic is as it gets, and I still had some major issues.  Let's just say I beg you not to look at the bottom buttonhole.  Still, it turned out good enough that I plan to wear it in public.  I especially like the details, such as the claddagh buttons:

 And the contrast print lining:

Again, I beg you to ignore that nasty, nasty looking bottom buttonhole.


I'm finishing the look with dark, dark dressy jeans and brown boots.  I did double check with the bride and make sure that the outfit would be appropriate.  She assured me it would.  Actually, she said something along the lines of , "I have more important things to worry about than your damn outfit.  As long as you have on pants, I could care less what they're made off."  Asking my partner for his opinion, I received the helpful observation, "You're going to a reception in the French Quarter at a wax museum on Halloween Weekend.  You could go wearing a Little Bo-Peep costume and no one would notice."  

Anyway, off to face the day.


Anonymous said...

That is a seriously cool vest! I wish I had one.

Addie K Martin said...

Love the vest! Great job with it!