slipcovered industrial bar stools

When we moved into the house 5 years ago after the renovations were complete, I had this setup in the kitchen under the window:
 It was cute, but there was not really space fore dining chairs---but it was a case of using what I had at the time, and I really liked having the softness and pattern of the upholstery balancing the wood cabinets on the other side.

As time went on, I switched out the curtains (don't worry the green ones made out of the fantastic vintage sheet just moved to another room) for these also made out of vintage fabric.  One reason I switched them is because I had enough of the vintage floral to make curtains for my glass doored cabinets:

Note:  in real life, the backsplash is much brighter and the cabinet doors don't read as striped.
Other changes, including selling the original table, the need for more storage in the kitchen, and the need to find a home for my partner's beloved baker's rack--(don't ask me, I don't understand why he likes it either), I moved the baker's rack in front of the window.

I didn't hate this setup.  I liked the extra storage, and it did provide privacy.  It was awkward with the chairs, and we eventually replaced them with these great industrial style stools from world market.  Side note--I know industrial is trendy right now, but I've honestly been loving touches of industrial design, including stools, for years.  I dragged home my first rusting metal cart in the mid 1990s:  I really liked the stools, including the wood, but I felt this whole area had gotten a little dull, literally.  I mised my pattern and color from the upholstery.  I also got fed up trying to open and close the window (why yes, I occasionally burn dinner filling the kitchen with smoke....why do you ask?) with the rack in the way.  Plus, I felt it really closed in an already small space.

Then I remembered this kitchen.  I don't remember where it came from, though.  I know it was in a magazine.  I think Cottage Living, but I'm not sure.  What I am sure about is that I loved those slipcovered stools from the moment I saw them.  I remembered this image, looked at my stools and realized I could have that look.

The fabric is from a beloved and ink stained shirt.  I loved the color and stripes so much I saved it for a potential project.  I loved the way the stripe looks with the floral and how it pulls in aqua from the adjoining office and back splash. They are loose and just slip on the stools like a hat.  It was only after making the slips, though, that I realized they looked like prison hats from a 1930s movie.  I'm okay with that though.

Truth in blogging:  The stools are used rarely.  At most once a week.  Therefore, I didn't secure the slips.  They slide around a little if they've been sat on, but it's easy enough to straighten them.  If I used them daily, though, the looseness would be an issue.  I'd have to find a way to attach them, either with velcro, ties, or something else.  As of now, it hasn't presented enough of an issue for my to take the time and effort.

In conjunction with some other small changes, I switched the baker's rack with a metal cart I found in my father's pasture with peeling paint in a combo of royal blue and John Deere green.  I love the way it turned out.  I still have storage for things like my dutch ovens and mixer, but it keeps the room so much more open.  And I love the splash of color with the vintage daperies.  

Update on laundry and to do list:  I've done a couple of small items on the list, so that's going well.  The laundry room is kind of on hold...but for a good reason.  I have reason to believe a fairy godmother is going to gift us with a new washer/dryer set for our commitment ceremony;  in that case, if i have fresh, white appliances and don't have to work around a mis-matched washer, I will definitely make some different paint decisions.  I will keep y'all posted.

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