the green desk

I did it.  I actually completed a project in a timely manner, AND took pictures before and after, AND finished it in time for Monday's Linky parties.  This must be a first.

Actually, finishing the project was easy...this was one of those that I was very excited about doing.  I've wanted to replace that white melamine sewing table for five years.  I ordered it on impulse and have hated it since the day it arrived.  It was relatively expensive (for melamine) so I hated to spend even more money to replace it, even though I longed for a writing desk instead.  Several times I've been tempted to go ahead and replace it, but something held me back.  I'm glad the design gods intervened because I love, love, LOVE the lines of the new desk.  Best of all...it was free!  It was a part of the old decor of a hotel project I'm working on, and the owner's wife let me have one of them.  I even already had a can of paint in the exact shade of green (I'm not even sure why I bought it...I found it cleaning out my studio), so the painting portion cost me nothing as well.

My inspiration was this beautiful show house room below by Peter Dunham.  I loved the pop of the emerald green and I the colors and tone on tone inspiration board reminded me of my guest room walls.  And, in the wider shot, you can see that the color and pattern are balanced by wide swathes of white in the trim, ceiling, and other furniture.

I took a couple of pics of the other side of the guest room to show you that I have a similar situation.  While the walls are dark and heavily patterned, that is balanced by a creamy white ceiling,  bone bedding, and creamy white draperies on the windows and used as closet doors.

Here's the original sewing table against the inspiration wall:
Here's the inspiration again:

And here's my version:

It's certainly not an exact replica, but I think it captures the feel very well.  In any case, I love it.  I also found some small, strong magnets that let me finally use my magnetic primer inspiration wall the way I had hoped to.

I did go with a heavily distressed "fauxtique" finish on the desk:

Here's what the desk looked like before:

My sewing box was a little too big for the desk, so I tucked it away beneath it, raised on a salvaged child's chair:

I've realized that I do all big sewing projects downstairs in the dining room, so I used the sewing table less than I thought.  What I would like it a peaceful place to write, so I styled the top as a writing desk.  I used things I already had:  a vintage lamp moved from another location, a Beni Hana figurie as a vase, a mock croc stationary holder, and my grandfather's christening cup to hold pens.

I have a great view from the desk to my window seat and love that light that streams in:

I absolutely love the way it turned out.  This was one of those projects that just worked out exactly the way I planned.  Those are rare, so I am savoring it.


Charlotte Des Fleurs said...

I like the table you chose for your room even better than the "inspiration" one. Congrats on getting it done so quickly. It certainly helps to have a deadline. If I do not have one, so many other interesting projects start to vie for my attention.

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

I love your desk! It's gorgeous in that color. I featured it today: http://inside-outdesign.blogspot.com/2012/12/emerald-green.html