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Don't you hate when you're reading a story in a design magazine that goes on and on about such-and-such feature and how important it is to the design.....and then there's no picture of said feature?  (BTW, Elle Decor is the absolute worst about that).  Anyway, I realize I'm almost as bad.  I'll mention a project, and then give no further info.
Painted, but not finished.  Green is not true to life--it's more of an actual grass green like original inspiration.
This is closer to actual color.

I'm determined to turn over a new blog leaf, so here's an update on my dream desk. In case you don't want to have to go to the previous post, here's a pic (which is familiar to basically anyone who's ever read a design blog) of Peter Dunham's  green desk in the Windsor Smith Veranda Show House:

Here's the desk I started with in it's original condition:


While I love Dunham's   whole room above, and it's definitely the Boho vibe I live for and with, it's still a little too dressy for me.  I wanted a more "lived in" look; besides, I haven't created any "fauxtiques" in a while, so decided to go for a more distressed look.  Trolling the internet for inspiration and authentic wear patterns on painted antiques, I found the following:

Venetian Table at Tara Shaw

Tone on Tone

Via pinterest.  I didn't follow link, but according to description, this is a well done recent finish.

I'll describe what I did (with pics) when I finish, but at this point, I've painted the top in a faux bois to match legs, pre planned missing paint chunks with blue tape, given two coats of pale blue primer, and given two coats of green.  If the weather holds out, I have plans to finish the distressing this weekend.

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