Spring Cleaning: A love/hate story

I've been doing a spring clean of our house the week, not only the usual dusting and fluffing, but an intensive clean:  vaccuming fans (i'm so unfamiliar with the activity I'm not even sure I'm spelling "vaccuming" correctly), cleaning windows, reorganizing drawers, cupboards, and closets.  It's like I've given the house a dose of prozac (possibly washed down with a vicadin and a vodka martini), it's so much happier and grateful. 

I honestly didn't realize how much light the dirty windows were blocking until the sunlight almost blinded me this morning as I walked downstairs into the dining room, a room I usually have to light with lamps even in the daytime.  And since I've created a pantry in what was my china  cabinet and organized the kitchen cabinets in a more logical and user friendly way, cleaning the kitchen after meals has been much faster and easier.  In fact, my partner's brother's girlfriend walked into the kitchen  the other day and said, surprise clearly in her voice, "Why look how clean the kitchen is."  Bitch.

The problem is, I just hate housework, and I'm not good at it (though, according to my friend, the vamp, there is no  secret to cleaning:  all you do  is to find a dirty spot, rub it with a rag, mop, or sponge until it is no longer dirty, and then move on to the next spot...I'm holding out with my theory that cleaning involves a difficult to master skill set.)   Add to that dislike the fact that I'm the primary cleaner in a household that involves 3 adult males, 2 indoor cats, 1 indoor/outdoor cat, and a 100 lb dog, you can see that I have a lot to clean up after.  Every single day.   However, I do love a clean house.  That's what I most envy my clients--not that many of them have homes and furnishings I can't afford--I envy them the fact that most have maids, housekeepers, or time to clean.

A maid isn't on my immediate horizon...I have to use my money for trifles like food, gas, and taxes.  Therefore, I'm trying to embrace cleaning--to see it as a necessary and possibly enjoyable exercise in homemaking, not just an evil necessity that must be gotten through. If I do want to achieve my design resolution of having a magazine worthy home, it's not going to be enough to decorate it a certain way...I'm gonna have to maintain it.

 I guess I'll try to learn to clean fifties style....with focus, planning, daily commitment, a string or pearls, and lots of martinis and tranquilizers.


Laura said...

What a great post.

Oh dear. That's a real disconnect.

I follow your blog, and I'll be back.

What do you mean when you said you maid your china cabinet a pantry?


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Carla Fox said...

I only clean to keep the health department from taking my kid and the ASPCA from confiscating my animals. Housework, to me, is a mind-numbing, soul-sucking chore that must have been a consequence of the expulsion from the Garden of Eden. I did, however, take down the Christmas greens lining the tops of my kitchen cabinets last week. Thank god for shop-vacs! Had to tidy up for Passover/Easter, you know!

Visual Vamp said...

I love that you are passing the mop (as my friend Miss Anne used to say).
Thanks for the shout out!
xo xo

Marlo said...

I hear you! :)

Let us know if you manage to fall in love with cleaning and exactly how you did it because I dread cleaning.

I keep my home as clutter free as possible because if there's clutter I'd have to first tidy up or put away all the clutter and then clean. So much faster to clean if there's no clutter.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, your pictures, your creativeness (wow), your wit, the 4-legged companions.
Let me tell you about housecleaning. Get the maid if you can. Get someone who comes every two weeks to do the heaving cleaning and then you 1. have a clean all over house one that given day (so worth the $$), 2. keeping it somewhat kept up on a day to day basis is easier and 3. with the time you save on the cleaning, you could earn on a commission. Seems simple, yes I used to have someone do the house every two weeks - it was grand. Now we are out of the metro area and we (hub and I) share clean up - yeah I am lucky :) If you can swing it, it will give you so much more than the $$ output.
Take care, will stop by from time to time.
All my best,