Framed: An art redo

What do you do when you need new art, but are on a limited budget.  Take an existing work (it was a mass produced giclee, not an original work) in a frame that you still like, and just paint over it.

Before, a mass market print.
In this case, it was going to be a pain to remove it from the frame, so I just taped the frame off with blue tape.  Be sure it's adhered well so that no paint leaks underneath.  In this case, paint did leak underneath, so I just painted the linen liner in a linen color paint to hide the stains.  It looked fine.

The middle stages, with soft layers of latex house paint, acrylic craft paints, and gouache.  It's okay to mix different types of paint as long as they have the same base:  in this case, even though the types are slightly different, they're all water based.


In place.  I love mixing contemporary art with traditional frames and interiors and vise versa.  Even if you don't think you have artistic talent, you could get a similar effect by using a solid color covered with a tinted polyureathane, or mix layers of different tones of the same color.


carla fox said...

Beautiful! I've been doing the same thing: old pictures with great frames, painting and/or collaging over the picture. With the cost of canvases and frames, it beats buying new and it recycles at the same time!

Marlo said...

Great idea and good job on the repainting; beautiful colours too.

I like the contrast between the style of frame and the art - good idea there too.

I plan to create some art for my living room and was going to leave the canvas unframed but now you've got me thinking about adding an ornate cream frame. :) Thanks!

cozy said...

cool! awesome idea!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

I've been doing the same thing! I scored big time when I found 3 great canvases, 2 with frames, for 10 cents each. I redid all 3 to go over my couch and I'm still in love with them. Love your blog, btw, you inspire my own creativity.