I Am Insane

Last night we had a barbeque.  Actually, to be technical, it was thrown by Thomas's brother who is living with us, but since their identical twins living in the area of their birth, their friends overlap.  Anyway, I arrived home from a quick client job (hanging photos and sports memorabilia in a downstairs party room opening on to a gorgeous slate paved courtyard complete with pool and outdoor kitchen.  I'm usually not a fan of Rachel Zoe, but seeing that space, I had one reaction, "I die!") around 11:30, looked around the dining room and decided I was tired of the color, the curtains, everything

When a deadline of 8:00 looming, I called in reinforcements (aka my friend Leah, the one with the diy spirit and gorgeous sunroom) and started painting. With one quick color change later, the after:

After I recover from the party and the redo, details and better pics will follow.  For the curious among you:  did I make the deadline?  Yes and no.  I hung the last frame just minutes before the first guests arrived (I had done the cleaning  the day before, and the twins were taking care of the food, so I didn't have those last minute host duties to take care of); but, and it's a big but, there was one small hitch.  MY personal guests, who weren't familiar with the others arrived before I could take a shower or even change, and the party's momentum started early--usually if the party officially starts at 8, the main body of guests don't really arrive until about 45 minutes later.  Honey, last night every body was punctual.  I ended up having to spend the party in paint splattered jeans and tee shirt.  Made even worse by the fact that I had decided to shower AFTER the client meeting.  Which didn't happen because I had to do Decoration: Impossible.  Oh well, everybody had a good time, I tried to stay in the shadows (at my age dim lighting is my friend anyway) and  kept telling my self my paint splatters looked boho, not hobo.  After a couple of beers, it was much easier to believe.


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love the new color and pictures. It is so pretty and such a great color. I'm sure everyone loved your party. Hugs, Marty

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

All that and stripes too? Great job - love the color!

Marlo said...

It looks great! I love the blue but I loved the orange as well. The blue feels fresh and summery and sometimes that's all we need, a little bit of freshness for spring, right? :)

I'm sure your guests didn't mind a bit of splattered paint as long as they can have fun which sounds like they did. All is good!