Bachelor Bedroom

I've been working with a colleague on a bachelor pad in a converted warehouse. One of the finished rooms is the master bedroom. We loved the existing mushroom walls, and decided to use the homeowner's collection of photos from an African safari as a guide for adding other colors and accents. We reframed the photos in plain black frames with crisp white mats and hung them in column.
For interest, texture, and drama, we installed a wall of louvered doors painted with a hammered copper finish. The finish gave warmth to the room, and pulled in warm tones used in other areas of the condo, including the terracota stain on the concrete in the hall floor and downstairs.
We used the existing bed and nightstand, adding a round table on the otherside (the room is smallish and has strange angles, so a round table just fit better, as well as adding interest. Creamy white sheets and new lumbar pillows in a paisley print complement the existing bedding and new color additions.

We included a small chair for putting on socks and shoes. We did ultimately decide this chair was just a little femine and changed it out for another one, but no new pic yet.
This job is mainly a cosmetic one, meaning no major renovations. So, in the master bath, we decided to use a striped wall treatment to disguise the visually too-short granite slabs of the shower--now they become part of the look. We took down bulky shelves and replaced them with the chrome luggage rack. New, long stainless pulls and a coat of expresso paint transform the vanity.
Finally, nothing says luxury like a well-stocked and organized linen closet. I hope my mother, who never thought I would ever manage to pick a towel up off the floor is impressed.


ButterYum said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Cote de Texas said...

I am impressed. love the shutter wall! what a fabulous idea.

home before dark said...

Beautiful work and wonderful inspirations. I hope your mother lets you know that earth has just moved! (As a mother of a son, this is a BIG moment!)

Maria Killam said...

Love those paisley pillows! I can't sell paisley for the life of me,everytime I show it to a client they say NO. But look at how great it is!! Beautiful job you've done!

Kindle Marie said...

My Gosh! your work is awesome! I am truly inspired by your work, not only do you paint, you decorate too! Simply amazing! Glad i found you