Porch, Part Tres

Redoing our porch and front garden (if you can describe five tiny patches of earth surrounded by concrete sidewalks and walkways a garden), has been an ongoing project for the past two years. So, for my post for Between Naps on the Porch's Metamorphis Monday, I decided to show my house's before and after.
First, a view of the house circa 2006 with it's lovely Fema trailer (luckily, I never had to live in one--this one belonged to Thomas's brother who owns one half of the double--what we call duplexes in New Orleans):
The house soon after Katrina, before reconstruction began.
Last spring, after removal of the Fema trailer, painting of the awning and porch, installation of furniture, the arrival of the first flamingo (who has since moved on to a better place), and initial plantings (most of which died because I know absolutely nothing about gardening). A long way to go, but a definite improvement:
Today: the jasmine has filled in on the center post, the plantings have filled in a little (thank God for elephant ears--even I can grow them), two Japanese maples have been planted, and a new flamingo couple have landed. Eventually, most of the plants I have chosen should grow and fill in, creating a lush look. I'm aiming for a combination of tropical and cottage--kind of an English colonial garden look.
The mardi gras flag provided the inspiration for the porch and garden's purple, green, and gold colour scheme.
We found the bricks to border the bed when a local building was torn down (don't worry it wasn't a historical structure--it was a 70s block building that housed a grocery store).
The verbena and lantana provide the purple and gold blooms for the color scheme. Behind them, a satsuma tree is growing in the large terracotta plot.
The porch is large enough for some comfortable seating. The window frames were the original frames for the house which were replaced with energy efficient windows.

What's a front porch without a swing?
We've still got a lot left to do, but in the words of Virgina slims, "we've come a long ways, baby."


Pearl Maple said...

Great do over for the Metamorphosis, goes to show with a bit of inspiration and vision all kinds of things are possible. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

Susan S. said...

Love your porch....things are looking good in NOLA! Gotta love a duplex....and great use of native plants. I always have much better use with those..they are used to the southern heat and are hardy. The elephant ears are great!

Paula said...

Love what you've done since May. It's looking great. That's such a wonderful porch to pass time on. I love it!

Reflections ... said...

Wow! What a long way you have come since May. I love, love, love your flamingos. They look right at home in your lovely garden. Your front porch also looks so inviting - a place to pass the time. Great transformations!

Cote de Texas said...

I love the porch - what a great job you've done!!!!