Sleeping Light: Leah's light and bright bedroom

There was such a great response from the post about Leah's sunporch (here) , that I decided to repost pictures of her bedroom, this time with text.

The starting point was this beautiful Pottery Barn duvet cover (which she uses as a coverlet), with a paisley pattern in the watery blues and citrus greens she prefers:

It perfectly complemented the pale lemon grass wall color she had chosen. We then selected pinch pleated linen draperies in a slightly darker version of the wall color. She doesn't like white blinds, so she picked wood blinds in a pale bleached wood to warm up the room and pick up the colors of the floor (the floor is much lighter in person than it photographed). Dark accents like the frames, the baskets and the chests at the foot of the bed balance the dark armoire across from the foot of the bed.

I found the nightstands at a hotel liquidators. They are actually very small writing desks with a vaguely campaign look. They were originally done in a walnut finish which was the worse for wear, but the hardware was in good shape (it just needed a good scrubbing), the size and lines were good, and the price, $39 each was perfect.
To create more storage, Leah added a shelf to the right one, and then we finished in a silvery, blue grey, sealed with several layers of brown paste wax for a vintage look. After adding a couple of baskets and Leah's vintage lamp that survived Katrina, voila: a look that says tropical without being a cliche:
To create a space for a laptop, the other desk was allowed to remain a desk, with merely the paint technique to refurbish it.

I then found a faux bamboo chair that Leah painted to match. I loved the chair because it's small scale and delicate open back didn't overwhelm the small space.
Leah did the upholstery job, including the double welting.

By placing the four prints over the armoire, I was able to give the too-short piece the illusion of more height. The prints, by blending in to the wall, also tie the armoire (which is really a little too dark for the room , but in real life decorating perfection is not always acheiveable) into the pale, bright room.

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I love this room!!!
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