Office Space: A bachelor's office/guest room

If you have to work at home, why not make it a pleasant experience? The best location for the desk in the small, oddly shaped room (it may not be obvious from the photos, but the room is not rectangular--it's almost pie shaped with no true right angles) was angled in the far corner, where the wired management could be hidden by the daybed, and the extra deep window ledge and the built in ledge that runs the side wall (it hides ductwork) serve as extra work surfaces. Filing cabinet and supplies are stored nearby in the room's generous closet, which was already fitted with shelves.
I've spent the past weekend working on a cool project: the bachelor pad of a medical executive. The condo is in a converted warehouse, and the downstairs living area has some incredible features: stained concrete floors, huge wooden beams, and exposed brick walls. Upstairs--not so exciting. The two bedrooms are sheetrocked boxes with carpeted floors and the weird angles that result from warehouse conversions. One room functions as an office and occasional (very occasional) guest room.

The room is mainly used at night, so to give it drama and ease some of the award angles, including a ledge that hides duct work, we painted it in a sexy, dark browish gray, Sherwin William's Manor house. A zebra stenciled cowhide rug hides the boring carpet and ties to the safari photos shot by the homeowner and displayed on a built in ledge. We leaned the photos for a more relaxed, casual, and unexpected feel. A Room and Board daybed provides guest accommodations.
Continuing the same paint into the tiny attached bath creates a seamless flow between rooms. I chose to use a shower curtain in a similiar tone to the paint to prevent it from overwhelming the small space. Another of the homeowner's photos provides interest. I mean, who doesn't love waking up to zebra butts?

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