Wrap It Up

I love to wrap presents. In fact, I like to wrap presents much more than I like shopping for them. Though, technically, I like to decorate presents--the actual wrapping, like any thing that requires precision, is not really my speciality. In fact, the less exciting the gift, the more time and effort I spend on the wrapping. This gift is for the fabulous Visual Vamp (here), who is having a birthday party. I'm very excited, not only to see Valerie and Alberto, but becaue the party is in this beautiful home (posted at visual vamp). I hope she'll like the present, a vintage gardening book written by socialite C.Z. Guest, with illustrations by Cecil Beaton and introduction by Truman Capote, but since it's only a small token, I tried to jazz it up with a bow substitue, a wooden cross accented with bottle caps from a local brewing company similar to ones I've seen in local boutiques. After painting the cross with metallics and attaching the bottle caps, I found a beautiful handmade paper at world market with similar colours. I felt that the parasols ecohed the bottle caps. I used a ribbon I already had to tie it all on, and voila, a present is ready for presentation.


The Boese Family said...

Gorgeous!!! Love the use of the Abita bottle caps! I have a serious thing for vintage bottle caps and own thousands of them (don't ask). This is a great way to use them... how creative of you!

Paula said...

Very cool! Love it.

Anonymous said...

sweet boy - I work at
World Market, so thank you
for the

thoroughly enjoy reading your
blog - very entertaining and
enlightening, also!

joodie in san antonio

Visual Vamp said...

Oh Mitchell I just loved getting this!!!
I just rehung my cross collection after having banished it to a closet under the stairs after getting bashed at RMS a couple of years ago ha ha. It's now hanging in all it's glory up the stairway in the kitchen, and your cross is prominently featured. Thank you so much!!!

home before dark said...

Makes turning 60 worth it! Lovely gift and a great wrap!