Reclaimed Heart

I love mixing reclaimed architectural pieces such as doors, wood panels, and cabinet doors in my art.  I recently completed a piece as a donation to an Americna Heart Association gala, using a reclaimed cabinet door fauxed finished to mimc layers of peeling painting, as well as a piece of salvaged hardware.

I'm planning to open an etsy store within the next month as a place to sell my art.  I'll keep you posted.

And sorry about the lack of posting, but I've been so distraught over the oil spill in the gulf, that I'm finding it hard to be witty and optimistic about crafting and decor.

*Update:  I'm really exicted.  I found out that my painting sold for close to $400.  I'm so glad I could contribute to the American Heart Association.


beki said...

I hear ya - the situation out in the Gulf is absolutely sickening!

Your artwork is beautiful. Best of luck with the etsy shop.

Marlo said...

I'm wondering about the heart you painted on the figure (nice touch) and I love that shade of blue. Good job! I never thought of painting on reclaimed pieces; will have to try it.

First Katrina, now the oil spill....geez. I hope BP stops the leak soon and it'll be interesting to see what they uncover with the investigation as to why it really happened.

Maybe you can transfer your feelings about the oil spill into your art somehow.

Donald's Garden said...

I LOVE this blog! I'm glad I found it!