The Reason

Why have I been working like a dog lately to bring home the bacon?  Because this dog, Ms. Cleopatra Abigal Schwartz loves and deserves bacon, and she prefers premium brands.

And yes, I did match the throw to the dog.  I think rooms should flatter their owners, and belief me, she owns this house.


Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Ms Cleopatra should meet Mr. Henry, my 4 yr old black lab mix. I found him chained to a cart return on a grocery store parking lot when he weighed a whole 7 lbs....he weighed in last week at a whopping 142! Who knew? I think our canine friends are just the best. Thanks for sharing Cleo with us! She looks lovely!

Marlo said...

Ms. Cleo is a cutie and it sounds like she knows it too.