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Cleopatra demonstrating how to recharge one's batteries.
 The older I get, the more I love fall.  Maybe it's because it comes after New Orleans' brutally hot and humid summers.  Maybe it's the residual memories of the new beginning the school year always represented.  Maybe it's the chance to nestle in for a few months.  Or maybe it's the focus on friends and family that the holiday brings.  Whatever, the reason, I love it. 

Cleopatra, exhausted from living in a dog eat dog world.
I've shared my love of lists with you (and an update follows on how I'm doing on my to-do list to prep the house for my December 21 at home reception), and I always love to start my resolutions, for want of a better word) in the fall.  My birthday falls at the end of November, and it has always seemed a great time for reflecting on the good (and bad) that has come before and my hopes and plans for the future.  I've been working on a list of goals for the coming year. I've started the planning process, and I'm letting it marinate for a little while.

It's one of the areas, really, that I'm torn over.  On the one hand, how can there be anything wrong with self-improvement.  On the other, I sometimes think that if I took all the effort I've spent on improving myself (with, I have to admit, only qualified success) and used it to accept myself as is, I'd be better off.  But then, I wonder, is that a valid point, or a cop out?  At any rate, I'm come to realize that, paradoxically, the main point I need to accept about myself is that I'll always be trying to improve. 
Cleopatra and Damien focusing on their futures....I'm pretty sure their future goals included more naps.

 So, my first goal is to finish planning my year.  Then I plan to share some of my goals and how I hope to achieve them.  One of the first goals is to lose the 30 pounds I put on in 2005.  I like to describe it as my Katrina weight, but honestly, I had gained about 12 pounds of it pre-storm.  And in any case---7 years is way past the statute of limitations on weight gain blame.

 So, I've made some progress on the list.  Most importantly, I (with Thomas) have managed to cross off the two very big items:  The fence is fixed, and the laundry room is done.  All else, really, is gravy.

--neaten beds done
--plant seasonal color in pots
--touch up door and porch floor paint
--clean porch ceiling
--new pillow covers for porch chairs
Living Room:
--Rework existing cafe curtains
--Move side tables and butler's tray Done
--Switch out pillow covers on sofa (already have the covers) done
--make new pillow covers for side chairs
--recover piano bench
--find or make new sofa throw
--move rug upstairs to den done
Dining Room:
--make tailored white cloth for table
--redo existing sheer draperies and move in decorative panels from office
--frame large photo
--cover or replace lamp shades
--rework mantle display done
--polish silver
--clean up book cases
--repaint horizontal stripes
--make roman shade or cafe curtains for window  changed out curtains instead
--slipcover chair
--touch up paint on railing
--fix draperies (hem properly and line)
--add center support to drapery rod
--touch up ceiling paint
Laundry:  Done
--replace shelf over machines with hanging pole
--paint bookcase to match walls
--move in mirror for over sink
--paint sink cabinet
--create art
--make "closet" and privacy wall for toilet area
--make window treatments
--find outdoor rug 
 --Touch up paint and paint added beam
--hang bikes from ceiling beam
--make cover for grill
--dispose of unwanted paint pending
 --put another coat of paint on doors
 --make bigger top for buffet and skirt it
--paint furniture
--repair broken chairs
--recover throw pillows
--have damaged portion of fence (thank you, Hurricane Isaac) replaced done
 --plant something in  empty pots (only a handful)
--paint hutch like the faux Moroccan chest I painted for a client :
Tutorial here
--patch quilt
--make duvet cover
--fix bedskirt
--fix Roman shades
--touch up paint
--paint closet
--curtain closet?
--hang mirror or art over butler's tray Done--butler's tray replaced with desk
--replace handles on butler's tray and gold leaf the silver hardware handles replaced and table moved to laundry
--jazz up painted side table
--touch up or recover ottoman
--recover pillows in side chairs
--move rug back up done
--clean out closet
--press cafe curtains and sew on rings done
--buy orchid
--touch up railing
--touch up doors and trim
Guest room:
--clean out drawers
--organize Christmas storage
--finish client projects taking up valuable space in closet
--decopage top of sewing table
Honestly, the only really major project is the laundry room and backyard.  I've already lined up some professional help for the laundry, and Thomas is working on getting the fence back together and can be counted on for painting the furniture and doors.  I'll try to keep you updated on progress.
Peace out!! (translation:  after looking at that list, in print, I need a drink!)

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Carollynn@DesignGumbo.net said...

Wow, that's quite the list, but you've also made a significant dent in it! Sending good thoughts to help with plowing through to the other side of the list.