and so it begins.....

My partner is disconnecting the washer and dryer (marrying the son of a plumber is an excellent idea) to be picked up early tomorrow by Bridge House, a New Orleans charity.  After they are gone and before the replacements arrive, I plan to paint that wall in faux subway tile.  I did already switch the wine box shelves to the appliance side.  I do like them better there.   I also started the stencil on the other walls.  (Why yes, it's a fake Imperial trellis pattern.   Why no, it's not 2008.  Why do you ask?).  The sink cabinet is primed for it's distressed metal finish, and I've already spent hours scrubbing paint stains out of that utility sink.  If everything goes well, by next Thursday, the laundry room will be done.  Wish me luck

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