patinated metal finish on cabinet

 Laundry Room update:

I had to work Saturday, and Sunday I had some client samples to work on and a client's piece of furniture to paint, so I didn't make quite as much progress as I would have liked.  I did however manage to finish stenciling one wall and, after the appliances were picked up, prime (twice) the wall behind the machines where the "subway tile" is going.

One thing I did manage to finish was the cabinet for the laundry sink (except for the pulls--I didn't paint them because I was planning to replace them with something nicer---then I realized the sink isn't level and the doors don't quite line up.  I don't want fancy pulls to call attention to this, so I'm going to just paint those.)

Before it looked like this, plain white melamine.  Though my sink hasn't been that white since 2007.  I did spend quite a bit of time scrubbing it this weekend, though, and have faith I can get almost that spotless:

I wanted a finish something like this metal covered chest from Restoration Hardware.  However, I wanted a more distressed finish---something that looked  really industrial and used.

 Something more like this:

So I primed the melamine with tinted x-i-m, painted with a blend of silver paints from Modern Masters, and then had a lot of fun with stain and paint thinner:

I still need to paint the knobs and tweek the finish just a little---I think I may have distressed it just a little too much, but I really like it, especially with the graphic stencil.

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