The Letter

Dame Barbara Cartland penning one of her early works of literary genius.

I wish I had written this letter to myself in 2007:

Dear 2007 Mitchell (heretofore known as "Dumbass"),

Please don't paint your stair hall deep terracotta orange.

I don't care how much you "love" the colour.  In the near future you will grow to hate it and want it to be painted in one of the only two colours you have used consistently,  liked, lived with, and not regretted since your first apartment in  1995; namely, robin's egg blue or off-white.  Please don't insist that "life is too short for neutrals" or that  you "need a change." 

You, Dumbass, no matter how much you protest otherwise, only really like two kinds of wall colors:  those that run the exciting gambit from creamy off-white to pale golden kakhi or those that range from grey/green/blue to blue/grey/green to green/blue/grey.  No matter how hard you try to convince yourself that you are some sort of  bon vivant BoHo artist, you are only a repressed small town Protestant who can't handle that much excitement in decor.

  Shortly, in order to save your sanity, and only after resorting to emotional blackmail (which will leave you feeling bad--at least until the margaritas kick in---you will need to increase your self-medication from wine to tequila), you will have to convince Thomas of a need to change the paint color that YOU insisted on over his objections.  You will then have to paint layer upon layer of Rainwashed over that orange during Labor Day Weekend while the rest of country cavorts around you, as that will be your only spare time.  And you will grow to hate life,

Mitchell 2010


Karena said...

Too funny I love your posts!! By the way my entry and hallway are a deeep slate blue!

Art by Karena

anita @ a dreamer's den said...

You crack me up!!!
Love this post.

(I have a hideous space in my basement painted -- you guessed it -- orange. But not even a deep, rich orange like yours, a puke-y soft orange. I. Hate. It.)

Hang in there!!

David said...

I think you've just given me the keys to putting together a happy home: learning which few wall colors we really like, and realizing it's perfectly fine to like only a few wall colors.

Visual Vamp said...

It's just paint. Thomas won't care as long as you're happy. xo xo

Denise said...

Dear Mitchell 2007 and 2010,

Fear not, you are not the only person who will be missing out on the Labour Day weekend fun. I will be repairing my toilet (considerably less appealing than painting a stair hall Rainwashed) and, if time permits, digging the 40,000 Snow on the Mountain plants (AKA weeds) out of my garden. To be replaced by all the wonderful stuff I bought at the garden center today. Note to self: When you buy it, you also have to plant it.

Happy Labour Day!

Marlo said...

I like the orange in the hallway! I like Rainwashed too but see nothing wrong with the orange.

Vickie H. said...

Surely you invested $30 in one great gallon of KILZ to put the orange out of your misery??!! You will celebrate your weekend sacrifice once the new color is up. Now for your pictures.....!

Renee Finberg said...

this is too fabulous.

pve design said...

It is only paint, but to those of us that are color sensitive, it does matter....super letter.

Carollynn @ designGumbo said...

You crack me up, but I agree with Val, its just paint. For example: we painted whole house in 2007, repainting in 2010 has begun. As I've often heard (or seen written) paint is the cheapest way to update a room. So you update. A LOT.