After a Sleepless Night

Interior Designer/Decorator is one of those professions that seems very glamorous and fun.  Inspired by series like "Designing Women" and movies like "Pillow Talk," where decorator Doris Day can afford a Manhattan apartment, a daily maid, and enough jewels and furs that her jeweler and furrier both carry screen credits,
a lot of people think design mainly involving lunching with clients at expensive restaurants, jetting off to NYC and Europe for shopping sprees, and waving your hands at contractors and subs, saying, "Just make it happen, darlings."
A lonely room.

And it can be a fun job.  Occasionally (very occasionally except for the exalted few at the top of the profession), there is glamour.  But there is a lot of headache.  And worry. And sleepless nights.  And nothing can cause a sleepless night like waiting for the arrival of a custom piece.  Today was the day that a client's buffet was going to be delivered.  A completely custom piece that I designed, including paint color, dimensions, and hardware selection.  And I did not sleep a wink last night.

Today, though went very smoothly.  It can, the delivery men where delightful, and the colour was perfect.

I painted the diptych over the sideboard as a housewarming gift.
I snapped some quick picks to give you an idea of how the room is turning out.  Better pics (from someone else) to follow one we finish styling the room.  Thank God, I will be able to sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

The room is lovely and I especially like the painting. Are you sure you didn't eat too much chocolate or MSG after 6 p.m.??? Sleep well tonight -- good work deserves a good rest!

Marlo said...

The sideboard is just beautiful and so is the diptych!
I'm sure your clients are thrilled.

I can see why it was custom-made - very difficult to find a piece like that in the right colour, style and size.
You did a great job at designing it and the hardware gives it character. How did you settle on that style of hardware? I'm always interested in the "whys" of what designers do - that's how I learn. :)

Have a good sleep tonight.

Marlo said...

P.S. I think you need to find yourself a bigger office. :)

Vickie H. said...

Wonderful...simply WONDERFUL!!!

Anonymous said...

This post is so reassuring! As a designer who works alone, I find myself with many days like the one you just recounted! Sleepless nights, the holding of breath! But, what relief when the pieces all fit together! Here, here to a truly accurate account of this job. And cheers to the days of "Just make it happen, Darling!"