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My slipcover project is still on hold--the fabric I found locally has to be ordered--it's not in stock, so I decided to go ahead and wait for the samples I ordered before making my final decision.  Besides, I tend to be one of those impulsive people who, if they can't start on the project right away when the inspiration and desire for change is burning bright, tend to lose interest  and move it to the back burner.  And I also decided I really wanted to think about it and make an informed descision.  Since we moved into the house in Oct. 2007, I've already had occasion to change some of my inital choices.  Some things have changed because of changes in circumstances--never having an indoor dog before, I had to adapt to that, some things changed becuase I'm one of those people who just like change, and some things I've had to change because I tried some new things that didn't really suit my personal style--I decided to stretch outside my comfort zone, and I ended up not liking a couple of those choices.  From now on, I'm going to focus on making sure that the design choices I do make reflect my style. 

But in order to do that, I need to define what that style is.  I realized I've never really done that on this blog--set down in black and white what I personally like to live with.  My style doesn't have a clear label, but I grativate toward a cottagey, bohemian feel.  I like to think of it as an updated, much more colorful shabby chic look.  I love found objects, natural fabrics, morrocan prints, slipcovers, books, and glass lamps.  The main atmosphere I want to create is that of comfort, with a touch of boho decadance--the feeling that a visitor would want to settle in with a glass of wine or whisky for a long discussion about, well, anything and  everything under the sun.

Some of my favorites:  old equipment crate as coffee table, piles of books, burlap curtains, clipcover in natural cotton, 70's lamp, funky faux raccoon pillows, dog on the sofa, and chipping old window turned into mirrors.

I also love cats on a sofa, as well as origanl art (glimpsed in corner) and plain terracotta pots used indoors and out.

I love cheerful paint in a kitchen, shaker style cabinets, and a working look--accents coming from utensils and plates instead of accessories.

I love fresh flowers, especially in something  unusual as a vase, and food used as decoration---for a non-Italian, I love me some garlic.
I also love to accent the kitchen with colorful friends---here is the vamp over for a Mardi Gras party.

I especially like bouquets made from foilage from my own yard.

And I love found pieces, like this great sign I found by a dumpster, used as art.  And horizontal stripes, i love those.
I love gallery walls.

And cozy rooms piled with pillows and an ottoman to put your feet up on for watching tv.

And pink flamingos in the front yard. No matter how bad your day, it's hard to be too grumpy when you're greeted by these guys on your way in the door.

I love upholstered head boards and neutral bedding.  And kitties enjoying a sunbeam.

There's nothing like a porch  swing.

I love orange, white and turquoise, and even more when they're all together.

These things may not be to everybody's taste, but that all right.  That's why ice cream comes in at least 32 flavors.  For me personally, I'll always choose colorful over chic, comfortable over elegant, and personal over convetionally tasteful.  After growing up in a quiet house with every wall clad in pecan paneling, sensible brown furniture, and an aura of respectibility, I always yearned for somthing a little more La Vie Boheme---colorful, and funky, and over-run with animals and guests.  Be careful what you wish for... you just might get it....and it just might be exactly what you wanted.


Karena said...

Very fun and I too love color and dramatic touches!!

Art by Karena

Visual Vamp said...

OMG I'll get you back for that MG pic ha ha!
Your house is so pretty darling, just like The Vamp!
xo xo

Visual Vamp said...

OMG I'll get you back for that MG pic ha ha!
Your house is so pretty darling, just like The Vamp!
xo xo