Decisions, Decisions

In my last post, I showed three possibilities for new slipcover for my living room chairs.  I won't be able to make a truly informed decision until the samples arrive, but right now, the classic black and ivory ticking is Thomas's choice, and the one I'm leaning toward as well.  Since it's also the cheapest option ($4.99/yd), I'm hoping I'll still like it the best once the swatches arrive.  Until then, here are a couple of inspiration photos from Country Living via Willow Decor (here).

But, I have to say, these prints remind me a lot of the printed slipcovers in Megan Arquette's (Beach Bungalow 8) living room via Cote de Texas (here), and I do like the way those printed chairs look...

So, what do y'all think?  (I will warn you that I'm stubborn and don't listen well to advice, even though I frequently solict it--one of my more annoying traits.)

*UPDATE* I'm leaning very heavily toward the ticking, I'd really like to get started right away, have the time this holiday weekend, and found a comparably priced ticking locally (it's a little more, but I do try to buy from local businesses whenever possible), so I may break down and get the ticking before the swatches even arrive--gee, with this kind of impulsiveness, how DO I make decorating mistakes? *UPDATE*


Marlo said...

Ok, I won't give advice but will comment on what I like.

I prefer the ticking for two reasons. One, I tire of pattern quickly and since I don't want to reupholster furniture or buy new slipcovers every year or two I prefer to go solid or with a stripe/ticking because I'd be less like to tire of a ticking than a pattern. Two, lately I've been really liking black and ivory rooms because I love the contrast and it's easier for me to throw in an accent colour, via pillows, and change them whenever I feel like it.

It'll be interesting to see what you end up choosing.

beki said...

*LOVE* the black & white ticking. It's been on my mind a lot lately. I bought some a few months back, but never used it...I've been adding black touches to my living space, that ticking keeps popping back in my mind. I think a slipcover in it would be fabulous! I'm about to tackle a slipcover for my sofa in gray linen (which I'm very much dreading!).

The Boese Family said...

LOVE the ticking! It's timeless, graphic, and fits with so many styles. I just noticed that I have a touch of it in almost every room in my home (in different colors and applications.) Can't wait to see what you decide.

Visual Vamp said...

Ticking is classic.
Whatever you decide will be fabulosity!
xo xo

chair up said...

Love the black and ivory ticking. I have some very similar and am just waiting to get time to reupholster our sofa with it. I like the versatility of it as well as the subtleness of the stripe. I say Go For It!

Kathy said...

The ticking!! I love ticking, and I don't tire of it like prints, as soon as I get a print, I HATE it!