Everybody needs something to hang over their sofa; or art by the inch

Every one has a blank wall that needs a piece of art. It may be over the sofa, in the entry, or over a dining room buffet. Perhaps you've looked, but haven't found the corret combination of size, subject matter, color palette, and price point. Well, you've come to the right place. I can give you art by the inch. All of these pieces were commissioned by clients to fill specific decorating needs. Working with a mixture of media on canvases, I was able to customize each piece for specific sites and color schemes.
I prefer working in abstract reprensentationalism, and have formal training and years of experience.

If you are interested, please view my contact information here. Prices vary by size.

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Visual Vamp said...

Love the fresh new look of the blog!
And only you could make size matter when it comes to art!
xo xo