Every great designer needs a support staff

For every great designer, there is a great design staff. I am no different. Allow me to introduce the team that lets my genius shine.

First, there's Damien, my design assistant. Tablescapes are his specialty. He loves to just jump right into a setting and get really hands, I mean, paws on.
He is also tech guy. And, when I get bogged down, I let Damien do a little ghost blogging. Shhhh! It's our little secret.

Next, there's George in the work room. This cat really knows his way around custom window treatments. He's always ready to tear into a new project.

And finally, Ms. Cleopatra Schwartz. Every designer needs a hot secretary/receptionist, and I'm lucky to have one so dedicated. Look at her: so attentive, hanging on every word, taking notes, just incredibly involved in the office. She's also helping me to embrace minimalism. Through her influence, I've discarded rugs, pillows, books, hats, shoes, and socks that really were just cluttering up my life. How did I get so lucky.

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mimi said...

Ha- love your sense of humor. Just read this older posting about your "assistants". Good help is so hard to find.