Colour me confused? Colour me happy is the solution.

As a decorator, one of my favorite and most challanging tasks is picking paint colors. It's a task that can strike fear into the heart of the boldest designers, both professional and amatuer. Who hasn't made at least a few errors? I know I have. I especially remember the time that halfway through painting my living room (of course I didn't bother to do any test painting: what am I, some know nothing amatuer?), I realized the wonderful chocolate I had chosen:
1. reduced the room to a cave.
2. reduced the room to a cave covered in what appeared to be bat guano.
3. was so dark it required several coats of another color which I quickly came to hate because it was quickly chosen on the spot because I couldn't live with a living room that was 1/2 bat guano brown, not to mention that I had a dinner party scheduled for later that week where I had planned to wow everyone with my dramatic new decor and the paint store was closing for the weekend in less than an hour.
If you or anyone you love every has similiar paint selection issues, I've recently found a wonderful blog here by Maria Killam, a design professional and color specialist, Colour Me Happy Blog. An excellent and informative writer, her articles on color selections are helpful for anyone struggling to choose the right paint color. Image from Flikr via Colour Me Happy Blog.


Colour Me Happy said...

Hey, I just found this from my google alerts! Thanks so much for the mention!! This was a very entertaining post! And I love the name of your blog, it's perfect for the business you are in :)
Thanks again!

custardbydesign said...

hi there - great blog...and this is in particular a great post...touches base with many of us i imagine...