Life in the fast lane, which is the lane one needs to be in while fleeing a hurricane

I have been scolded for neglecting my blog, but I claim work and post Gustav evacuation stress disorder. Seriously, I've been overwhelmed by work and then Gustav threw my schedule off even more. Especially since Thomas insisisted on tearing the house apart and moving most of the furniture downstairs upstairs in case of flooding. On the plus side, that means it has been easier for me to do some of the small changes I've been wanting to do the home: painting the trim in the first two rooms a creamy beige and painting some wide horizontal stripes in the dining room to lighten up the orange (I think large horizontal stripes are probably actually out, but screw it, I still like them). Pics will follow when I finish. Which will be soon, because yesterday I was reminded that I had offered to host a birthday party on sat. That's what happens when you drink...you enthusiastically plan events that you then promptly forget about. So, in the next three days, I have to finish painting, replace three rooms of furniture, clean, prepare for a party, and manage to squeeze in 4 client meetings....Speaking of drinking, I think I may need one now. I'll post results soon, as well as tales of the evacuation. I don't want to say we were in deliverance country, but by the time we had turned off the third road from the highway onto the dirt road in the middle of nowhere, I swear I heard banjos being tuned. And unfortunately, I have a very pretty mouth.


Visual Vamp said...

Honey boy I am so happy to hear from you, even if it's just via the blog!!!!! I have really missed you!
Thomas cracks me up about moving all that damn furniture!!!
Keep drinking, keep laughing, and get yourself some rest honey.
xo xo
Mama Val

Visual Vamp said...

I love the new banner for your blogxo xo xo