Distracted, but back.

2008, aka, the crappiest year in my recent memory is finally over. Now that a new year is here, I'm recharged and ready to blog again. You have now been warned. Here's a look at my latest project: a large scale art installation commissioned by an old client. It covers a wall in a new condo that he is furnishing as a high-end corporate rental in a great new development in Baton Rouge, LA, Perkins Rowe. Perkins Rowe has been designed as a town center that looks like a converted warehouse district with retail and dining on the ground floor and condos above. It has shopping, the ubiqitous Barnes and Nobles, a gym, a grocery, and a cinema.

Inspired by the legend of El Dorado, I call it Conquistador's Folly: an abstract mixed media in bronze, brown, and of course, gold.

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