home office update

Possible art work
Desk before (with formica top)

Desk after

I was inspired by some tear sheets (if I can figure out how to scan them, I'll show you) for the home office project. I'm going for a femine and french look with some electic finishes. We've painted the office a beautiful pale blue grey (Sherwin Williams Austere gray....a bad name...while it does have a gray cast, it is anything but austere...it's actually quite lovely). The furniture will be a combination of pale oak and painted finishes. The oak is on the filing cabinets, and the desk (an old Drexel from a hotel liquidator for $70) is painted black and gold, and the occasional chair is painted in a dark, almost black, tortoiseshell finish with a soft, pinky beige upholstery that matches the lamp shade. It's coming together. Wicker baskets and natural wood magazine holders on the existing shelves echo the color of the oak. Now I need to find a largish piece of art to tie it together. I may have to paint it myself, but I haven't even found inspiration for that yet, but it will come. I'm thinking about a reproduction rosie the riveter poster, but I'm not sure if that is being a little too self-consciously ironic. I'll take photos of the office once it's all together


Visual Vamp said...

Love the desk! Can you find a French version of Rosie?

Visual Vamp said...

Where are you?
I passed a blog award onto you - come on by my blog to get it.
Love ya,
Miz V