the importance of ambiance

What is ambiance?  it's that combination of sensory elements that add up to atmosphere:  the colour of a room's walls, the texture of upholstery fabric, the waft of air from a lazily turning ceiling fan, the aromas of exotic scents that perfume the air--it's the combination of what is often little things that turn a room into an experience.  And it can be little things that make a room special, like a wonderful scent.  Thomas just went old school and surprised me with a armfull of incense that was being clearanced at World Market.  While I've never used incense, I do like heavy, Oriental scents, so I was actually excited to try it.  Besides the idea of the perfumed smoke snaking through the air made me feel all BoHo chic.

One little stick burning made me feel like these two:
Pausing for a quick rest before returning home to lounge in this room:

Since reality is much more like this:

I think that proves the awesome power of ambiance.


Karena said...

Oh I will be visiting World Market soon for its magical incense since it has the power to take me away to another world!

Just what I need right now!!

to brighten your day....

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Art by Karena

Jack Canfield quotes said...

How I love the smell of jasmine incense. It makes me feel relaxed.

Paula said...

Glad to see a new post! You know I love your bloggish wit.

Gabriella said...

I'm with you. I feel ten times more mysterious when I have incense. I don't even have to burn it, just have it on hand. It's the same with candles too!