A Blogger in Need

I haven't been blogging much lately....in fact, I've been in one of those moods where I'm just kind of over blogging and blogs, for that matter.  What I'm not over, though, are bloggers.

And one of my favorite bloggers, Valorie of Visual Vamp has recently suffered a tragedy (read about it in her words at Visual Vamp);  her beloved husband Alberto suffered a massive heart attack in the airport upon their arrival in Canada to teach a tango workshop.
valorie and alberto doing what they love best
 Laura at the blog Decor to Adore is hosting a bloggers' auction to raise money for valerie and alberto:  his condition is so serious that it is going to require a medevac (translation: really expensive medically supervised trip) for Alberto to return to New Orleans to be cared for by his primary physician.  Go here to see the items that have been donated so for.  You can also contribute directly to Valorie and Alberto's paypal account at boutique@planet-tango.com.

I'm auctioning off an original mixed media painting, Two at Daybreak.  It's approximately 8x11", and is gallery wrapped so framing is unnecessary.  The colours in the photo are fairly accurate, however, I will be happy to do a custom version if this colour scheme does not work for you.  All money raised will be donated to Valorie and Alberto.  The opening bid is $50.  You can leave your bid in the comments, or e-mail them to me at hms70119@live.com.

I will  be out of town from today until wed., so bidding will go on until Nov. 11 at 9 a.m.

Thank you for helping out a blogger in need.


Karena said...

So wonderful to participate, your painting is lovely!!

I am bidding on several other items already will send others your way!

Art by Karena

Anna Ferguson/Dean Valore said...

I will bid $50. Thank you!

Design Optimist said...


I need you to e-mail your address so I can ship the painting.


hms70119@live.com is my e-mail

Bill said...

Hi Mitchell,

Just stopping by to say I love the painting. The colors and texture are wonderful, and it really evokes a sense of mystery. What a great deal Anna got on it. It was very kind of you to step in to offer assistance to Valorie and Alberto. Bless you ...


helen said...

Your images are lovely- hope you keep blogging.