As you can probably tell from my blog's title, I like to focus on the positive.  This isn't always easy for me; in fact, a certain amount of cynicism and negativity comes much more naturally to me, but much like people with curly hair who insist on blowing it straight every morning, I refuse to accept what nature gave me.  However, in times like these, with the oil spill threatening my state which is still recovering from Katrina, Rita, and Gustav, it's both harder and more imperative that I focus on the good.  Years ago, I learned a great technique for increasing one's graditude from Our Lady Oprah (I kid...I love Oprah....damn, I hope her minions don't chase me down for that crack):  keeping a daily graditude journal where you list 5 things that day that you are grateful for.

Today, I am grateful that I get to wake up every morning with nature's alarm clock (who has no snooze button, by the way) Cleopatra Schwartz, pictured above.

I am grateful for slipcovers, for reasons also pictured above (and I know the slipcover is dirty and should be washed...don't judge me)
I am grateful I have a partner who brings me flowers because he knows I like them, and I'm grateful I have this cool little lady to put them (she's a vintage drink holder from Beni Hana.)

I am grateful that I get to have my morning coffee here, smelling the jasmine.  And lord knows, I am grateful for the coffee.  I'm impressed...I actually found 6 things I am grateful for, without even needing to leave home.  And Our Lady Oprah was right...I do feel better for recognizing my blessings.


carla fox said...

Thank you for the reminder that we DO have things to be grateful for!

Sharon said...

I need to follow your advice. Like you, I'm dreading the disaster about to fall upon our beautiful beaches and wetlands. But, I'm trying to stay positive...I have taken a cleanup class for after the oil spill makes landfall. And I'm grateful that I am physically able to do something to help.

Marlo said...

The Gratitude Journal - it sure does work. I took Oprah's advice years ago and would write out 5 things each night and many times I'd repeat the same things night after night. But as time went on I came up with more things to be grateful for and months later I felt so much better and I know it was because of the journal.

I wonder if this technique would work on kids only instead of having them write a journal they can tell their parents 5 things that made them happy during the day; I have a feeling we'd get some really good results.

Oh, I can sure relate to nature's alarm clock and I sure am grateful for it - I love it! :)

connie said...

Loved this post--so very funny. I also love Our Lady Oprah. but promise I will not chase you down for that slip of the tongue. And you are right. A gratitude journal does make us all more aware of the good things we have. You blog is great;I always enjoy each post! Connie

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

I found your blog from the Visual Vamp, and I've enjoyed reading through some of your posts. I am also a designer, and in my former, more physically fit life, I was a decorative painter....got tired of hauling paint cans up ladders... This a a great and timely post with Mother's day tomorrow. While I am an O fan from way back, the idea of the gratitude journal actually came from an Oprah guests, Sara Ban Breathnach who wrote "Simple Abundance". The gratitude journal is a keystone of her process. Her book, which you can now find in used bookstores, was life changing for me, and for a postive person like yourself, would be a great read. Glad I found you!

Graham said...

Keep the slip cover as is. It makes a nice gradient effect between Cleo's color and the original color of the slip cover.

Anonymous said...

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