Cold Comfort

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, but I've been finishing a couple of work projects left over from 2009 and trying to survive the recent cold blast. Now I know for a lot of people, temps in the 20s and low 30s aren't that cold. But I'm a Southern boy born and bred, and anything under 50 degrees makes me wrap up like a character in Dr. Zhivago heading to Siberia in the dead of winter. Thankfully, it's warmed back up to the upper 50s. However, last week looked a lot like this:
This fountain is located in our neighborhood. Thomas took the photo---the only thing that dragged my freezing behind out of bed during last week's cold snap was my duty to Cleopatra and her need for walks. Still, I've been through hard freezes before, and the fountain freezing during the night's dipping temperature wasn't that much of a surprise. However, when it still looked like this the next afternoon, I was concerned:

This cold front lasted for a week at least. Still, here in the house, we managed to stay warm. Some of us decided to go old school, and couldn't care less about using the last of Earth's precious fossil fuels to fight the cold.

Others decided to go the green, eco friendly route and use solar energy:

And finally, the most stylish among us said "Screw PETA" and embraced fur:

All joking aside, we in New Orleans are unprepared for long term cold weather. Since spring 2009, I've been coaxing the front yard (it's not really large enough to be a yard, but yard seems easier to type than "space between the sidewalk and steps) into something approaching a garden. Since I'm on a tight budget and have zero garden skills, it's been a challange. Spring 2009:

This summer:

Prepared for the worst:

Unfortunately, the worst came, and even with protection, I did lose a lot of plants. But at least the kitties made it through intact.


Visual Vamp said...

It's been brutal!
My yard looks like a rotting war zone.
xo xo

Maria Killam said...

Wow that fountain was the perfect photo to show how darn cold it is!!

Anonymous said...

sorry about loss of your garden...here in the land of cold(iowa) I often cover plantings in spring using an old sheet. I've been told the sheet holds in the warm temps better than plastic.Also must cover plants prior to temps dropping-good luck:)

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE the kitty photos... trés adorable!

Landscape Designer said...

Plastic is the very worst material you can use to cover plants. Try an old comforter or some fabric.

It is possible that your plants will come back from the roots. In colder Climates this is what happens every year. In your Zone everything is green year round. Just because the leaves were hit by the frost does not mean your plants died.

Post on this later when the temps warm up. Let us know what survived.