Bedroom Redo: Mini-update

One more step to finishing the bedroom room (and for all of those who mocked my Dec. 20th deadline---You were right, you told me so----I hope you all got coal in your stockings) was finding an inexpensive duvet cover for the ugly Big Lots poly blend gypsy horror I was using. It was an emergency purchase a couple of years ago when we had a family of four coming to visit for mardi gras and were still in our small apartment waiting for the house to be finished and didn't have enough bedding, especially since we were "enjoying" a cold spell. I never liked them, especially after I spilled paint all over one of them in my then studio/guest room. (I just realized it sounded like I was talking about the guests not the comforters! I actually liked the guests, and have never spilled paint on any guest......wine perhaps, maybe chili, but never paint.) I had stored the comforters when we moved in this house, but after Thomas's twin moved in with us, I had to consolidate storage and the only place to store it was on the bed! Actually, it wasn't horrible--at least the unstained reverse was a solid burgundy that somewhat went with the scheme. And I learned to like sleeping euro style--with just a duvet and bottom sheet. However, the poly blend fabric was itchy, and it was a pain to drag that huge thing to and from the laundry room.

Before: notice the bedding carefully turned to the reverse and folded to be as inconspicous as possible:g

This photo is just a shameless excuse to show off the cutest, sweetest dog in existence (except yours, I'm sure):

After: It took a while to find an inexpensive duvet cover that wasn't equally as unpleasant as the comforter fabric. I didn't want to spend more than $50 because it will be subjected to a lot of dog/cat laying as well as frequent laundering. I finally found an all cotton, 200+ thread count set in bone on Overstock.com for $39 with free shipping. Woohoo. Take that Santa, I was a good boy this year after all.

It's a decent value for the price. It's not incredible quality--for instance, it's pieced and the placket is not a hidden one, but the fabric feels good, and it's a bargain for the price. Now, I really have a bed that I feel like cuddling up in, and with below freezing temps predicted for the rest of the week, (here, in New Orleans! Global warming where are you when I need you!), that's a good thing. Now all I have to do is to back and quilt the vintage fabric into a throw ala the thin quilts of Provence, (Please don't hold your breath for this to happen...I'd hate to be responsible for your asphyxciation.)

Forgive the unstyled picture, but I actually like a slightly made, but rumpled bed. And if you, like me, like reading the titles of books you see in interior photos, I'll list them for you:

Thom Filicia's design book, The Art of Happiness by the Dali Lama, The Grandy Sophie by Georgette Heyer, and the best....Princess Luciana Pignatelli's 1971 beauty how to bible, The Beautiful People's Beauty Book.


Susan S. said...

Enjoying your post.....I like your style and humor! And no way I would have given you coal for missing the deadline.....we set our deadlines so you have no one but yourself to answer to. Happy New Year from Houston, TX!

Anonymous said...

The light in these shots is wonderful - I don't I ever really appreciated the wall color so much as in these. And I love the mix of the duvet, the throw pillows and the linens... and you know I love a deal. Wonderful.

carla fox said...

Wow, it turned out beautifully! I love the wall color and the bed looks very inviting. And, doesn't it make it so much better when you get a bargain deal? Never pay retail!
P.S. What's your cute doggy's name?

Southern Aspirations said...

Love this! Turned out great. I'm on the hunt for a new duvet color in white. Of course, the challenge is we have 3 dogs so it must be low maintenance and durable. Liking your overstock option! Worst case scenario- recycle. It becomes a dog bed cover and we get a new duvet cover.

Design Junkie said...

Laurel Street, apparently I needed the ass-numbingly cold light of this New Orleans January to set off the color.

Carla Fox, the princess's name is Cleopatra Abigal Schwartz Settoon-Ecker (Cleo for everyday usage), and she is an American bulldog.

Southern Aspirations, check Overstock.com...they had a nice range of duvet cover sets in several thread counts, colors, and price points.

Queen "B" said...

enjoyed your blog, so glad I dropped by, I look forward to my next visit,
New Year Wishes from across the sea

Bonnie said...

The bedroom is spectacular. I especially love the salvaged wood headboard, the floral spread, and the lovely dog.