Troubles of the World: Goodbye Miss Darlene

Giclee is I'll Fly Away by Bill Hemmerling (http://www.hemmerlingart.com/giclees/)

One of the reasons I worked optimism into the title of this blog is because I try very hard to focus on the positive. It's not always easy for me...I can become negative easily and forget my blessings as I bemoan the petty difficulties of life. Right now, I could easily list 10, 20 problems I'm worried about...but then real trouble comes along to remind you how small and insignifcant most of our "troubles" really are. This week, one of our neighbors was killed by her son during an argument that started over a bicycle. Though New Orleans can be a dangerous city, our neighborhood is peaceful and closely knit, so we are all shocked as well as deeply saddened by Miss Darlene's death, and our hearts go out to her fiance Rodney and her family. Today, please remember that most of our troubles are nothing more than passing fancies that mean very little.


mimi said...

Life is certainly full of these grim reminders that most of our cares are pretty ridiculous.

I lost my younger brother to a brain tumor several months ago- let me say, he never once complained and was always positive- so unlike me. Every time I open my mouth to say something whiny now I try to think twice.

Thanks for the reminder to stay positive.

Visual Vamp said...

I'm so sorry darling.
xo xo