Lost Puppy Love Part 2: A new home

About a month ago, this little fellow showed up on our front porch. He had big sad eyes, a wagging tail, a great personality; alas, he did not have a tag or a microchip. We fostered him while searching for his people, but weren't able to find the owners. I would have loved to keep him, but we already have a huge dog, two cats, as well as the two cats belonging to my partner's twin who just moved in with us for a while--in other words, a whole lot of mammal for a 1600 sq. foot house. But luck was with us all, and we've found him a good home. And even better, it's right in our own block. While walking him, I ran into one of our neighbors, who has a young daughter. She was looking for a dog for the family and fell in love with Little Man on the spot. A day later, he was at her vet, being fitted for a snazzy new red collar, and being trained as her shop dog. We'll miss having him around, but I'm glad the story has a happy ending.l

I'd especially like to thank Valerie at Visual Vamp and Nathan at Laurel Street for their help, along with all of the help from readers. Thank you.


Maria Killam said...

That's such a great story! I'm so glad he found a happy home!

Anonymous said...

Mitchell, that's great. I'm so happy everything worked out so well!

And I'm glad you didn't get a chance to gold-leaf him before he went out the door ;-)

Design Junkie said...

Nathan, what makes you think I didn't gold leaf him? It was the sun glinting off the gold that caught my neighbor's eye!

dee dee said...

He is a beauty! As a fellow dog person, thank you for fostering him and finding him a new home! What you did is rare these days.
Dee Dee

Leigh said...

What a happy ending! He looks like such a sweetheart. So glad he found a good home!