A Big Pillow Makes a Big Difference

Sometimes  small change can make a big diggerence in updating a room.  I was hired to do a rare exterior faux finish job--painting new shutters to make them look old and weathered, and the lady of the house wanted to make a few minor changes inside.  One thing she wanted to change was to recover her pillows on her existing off-white slipcovered sofa.  She had already bought the fabric and just needed the covers made. 

I thought the fabric looked great in the room, but I didn't think two pillows recovered would make much impact and thought that doing 4 pillows would look too cluttered.  A more modern idea:  one giant pillow.  I just used a body pillow from Target as the form.  It might not be the most practical solution for a heavily used sofa, but this is a little used formal living room.  Plus you can still sit comfortably in the corners without moving the pillow.  I think the large surface lets the pattern shine and the one long form gives a more modern feeling.

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