Guest Room Redo-The Inspiration continues

I just got back from a client shopping trip to Dallas.  After seeing all that beautiful fabric and furniture and "things, gorgeous things" I'm so excited about working on my guest room.  In fact, I couldn't get the project out of my head.  And,  ever since I've gotten back (at around 1 p.m.), I've been searching the interwebs for inspiration.  I keep seeing a moody, dark, sexy mix.  If only I could afford Miles Redd to do it, I could die happy.  Until then, I have to figure out how to translate this look into a 12 x 14 foot room with a rag tag mixture of pre-existing furniture and a budget of -$0.  Oh well, if life were that easy, where would the fun be?
Nothing better than dark walls in a bedroom.

I know it's not a bedroom, but I love that palette.  I wonder if high gloss paint can replicate this look.

Maybe I should go with teal walls?

I definitely will be painting the inside of the door green with gold trim.

I think I want the walls to be the color of the art work.

I want these walls.   Now.


Anonymous said...

Great post.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I love the nail heads. Cant wait to use the idea.